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‘Parallax’ (/ˈparəlaks/)-noun: the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.

Join Ankur Kalra, MD from Cleveland Clinic as he shows you a different side to cardiovascular care, management and science. is proud to be associated with Radcliffe Cardiology’s Parallax.

Listen to Ankur’s conversations with legendary cardiologists, critical reviews of key congresses and late-breaking trials, and concise summaries of the best US Cardiology Review articles (we call them #AudioArticles!).

Published every second Monday of the month, this is your fix of reliable updates on all things cardiology by someone from a non-traditional background, who is always trying to look at it from new angles! Dear cardiologists, we want to make this podcast about you, and for you!

Please email us critical thoughts, comments and questions for Ankur at and visit for more.

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