Philosophy is inspired by Ishq (‘išq) (Arabic: ‘išq; love or passion), is for Ishq, and is based on Gandhism. The philosophy of this non-profit initiative is based on the following three tenets: i) altruism, ii) brilliance, and iii) creativity. fosters development of concepts that strive to make a dent in health care delivery (economy, policy, quality, and resource utilization) worldwide.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (the great Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India [my homeland]) did not believe in electoral seclusion of people belonging to the lowest caste system (referred to as the “untouchables”), prevalent in India during the British Raj (rule). The British, under Lord Willingdon, had proposed a plan for India’s independence. However, the plan called for a separate political representation of people from the lowest caste, and would divide independent India’s social classes indefinitely (not congruent with Gandhi Ji’s vision of independent India).

To protest against the aforementioned plan, Mahatma Gandhi announced “fasting unto death” from the Yerwada Central Jail cell (near Bombay [present day Mumbai, India]). It only took six days for the British government to give in to Gandhi Ji’s requests. The British agreed to rescind the constitutional segregation of people based on the caste system.

September 16, 1932, when Gandhi Ji announced “fasting unto death,” marked a landmark occurrence in India’s history, and “made a dent” in her effort to seek independence from the British Raj.

Mahatma Gandhi is the culmination of a life-altering occurrence in my life. It fosters the karmic principles of Bhagavad Gita, a text that is a prime source of inspiration for me (and millions or perhaps billions across the globe), and was for Gandhi Ji as well—simply do good with no expectation of reciprocation.

The motivation behind this initiative is to celebrate and create a legacy for love—epic, ethereal, platonic, selfless, and spiritual love.

Based on Gandhism. Inspired by Love. For Love.

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Ankur Kalra, MD
Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director

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